Enjoying a gelato in Rome

Enjoying a gelato in Rome


My name is Ryan and this is my very first blog.  It was created in the Spring of 2009 and is a repository for my musings about food and things related to food.  It contains my favourite recipes for cooking and baking.  It contains notes on menus and entertaining.  I write about my restaurant experiences.  I share my love for favourite kitchen tools.


I have created this blog so I will always remember where I found that recipe for the perfect roast chicken, where I enjoyed the best croissant, and to not make that dip for my friends for the fifth time in a row.  I enjoy reading foodie blogs and this is my contribution to the growing online community of other like-minded foodie fiends.


The name Crispy Bits was inspired by the delicious little morsels of food, both sweet and savoury, that provide a satisfactory crunch.  It could be bacon or the tip of the wings on a roast chicken.  It could also be the edge of a brownie or an overbaked sugar cookie.  I hope you enjoy these crispy bits within the pages of my blog and that you walk away a little more sated than when you arrived.


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  1. Jamie #

    Speaking of crispy bits, did you know you can’t buy Shreddies in the US? It’s a constant source of sadness for my American ex, who discovered them here in Canada and almost gave up his US citizenship as a result.

    In the UK, they are knitted by nanas.


    In Canada they are considering changing the shape from a square to a diamond. Sacrilege, I say.


    I would appreciate recipes that contain maple Shreddies in particular.

  2. Ellen #

    Fabulous recipes! You know I’m a fan. I’d love to see your key lime bars and any and all buttercream stories you may have.

    Three cheers!

  3. crispybits #

    Another plus for Canada! And I’ll dig through my repertoire for any Shreddies recipes.

  4. Sheila #

    I love reading your ideas and experiences…especially is I can share them, too.

  5. Derek #

    Great site Ryan! I will be busy in the next few weeks making jelly (Grape, Apple and then Quince in late October). If you would like, I can throw some pictures to show the process from fruit at the source to beautiful jelly. Gotta love food, eh?!

  6. 6

    Thanks Crispy for your important much-needed contribution to macaron researche!
    I never thought of using my Laduree bags for the garbage but it seems a very good idea indeed.
    Most kind.

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